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Linda Spencer, MS, CGA

Questioned Handwriting

LS Spencer and Associates

Illinois Forensic Handwriting Experts

Phone 630-631-1987

Questioned Documents

Personality Profiles 

Meet Linda Spencer, MS

Certified Graphoanalyst

email: [email protected]

Phone: 630-513-9267

Linda Spencer, MS Personality Evaluations

Linda Spencer is a certified Graphoanalyst and holds a Master of Science degree in Human Services Administration. She also has studied under Dr. John Olsson, forensic linguistics expert and author, and was awarded a certificate of excellence in Statement Analysis/Forensic Linguistics. 

Linda uses her training as a Graphoanalyst as a tool to help employers, counselors, partnerships, as well as individuals to efficiently and effectively reach their goals.

Personnel Selection

Personality is more important than an individuals skill set and education.

A bad hire costs a company thousands of dollars not to mention the negative impact on the workforce and company customers. Many people change jobs due to personality conflicts. Learn how well your job applicant fits with your specific job requirements and company culture/

Safe hiring requires background checks and sometimes testing to ensure a safe work environment. This is especially true in situations involving children and the elderly. 

  • Many companies are concerned with employee theft. Although handwriting can not tell that a person did take company assets it can readily eliminate suspects from your suspect pool.
  • Can your new hire keep confidential sensitive company information?
  • Can they work well with others?
  • How does this person handle highly stressful situations?
  • Are they reliable?

These questions and much more important information can be determined through handwriting.

  • Handwriting analysis can increase your business performance by reducing turnover, identifying important leadership qualities, motivating your employees, and increasing individual and team productivity. 

  • Reduce risk in hiring in sensitive positions and eliminate suspects in cases of employee theft or embezzlement.

  • Partnership compatibility


Personal report           $100

Personnel report         $150

Compatibility report    $300

Please call for a free initial consultation


  • Identify your clients strengths and weaknesses, stress levels and their habitual methods for handling stress.

  • Quickly learn how to communicate in the most effective way and establish rapport and understanding with your client.

Please call for a free consultation.

Forensic Linguistics/Statement Analysis

Linda uses her training in forensic linguistics to assist in finding the truthfulness in statements provided by suspects. If a persons statement is untrue, in part or in whole, their words will give them away. Statement analysis is very helpful in determining areas of a statement in which to probe deeper as well as in reducing a suspect pool. It is helpful in areas where money or other valuables are missing and when interviewing witnesses or suspects when a crime has occurred. Analyzing the words people choose to use has helped focus many investigations resulting in crimes being solved. For example, Susan Smith cast suspicion upon herself by the words she used to describe what happened to her two boys. She spoke of her boys in the past tense although they were supposedly kidnapped and still alive.

Speaking Engagements

Handwriting analysis can be focused on your groups area of interest. One popular talk for social groups is Your Handwriting Is On The Wall. For businesses communication skills, goals, and compatibility are a few topics. Introduction to handwriting analysis is also very popular., starting with the history of handwriting through the present time Fees vary according to group size and the amount of time requested. Linda has spoken to over the last 25 years are widely diverse: Fraud examiners, police departments, certified public accounts, human resource managers, and numerous civic and charitable organizations. She has often presented to high school psychology classes and especially likes helping teens to better appreciate their strengths and uniqueness and improve their self esteem.

Linda is the author of several published articles including,

Does Cursive Handwriting Need to be Taught in a High Tech World?  

The Write Hire or How Handwriting Analysis May Have Stopped Bernie Madoff in his Tracks.

For more information about Linda, references, fees and speaking availability please call 630-513-9267 or email her at [email protected]

Associations and memberships

Association of American Handwriting Analysts Foundation

Illinois Chapter of Handwriting Analysts

Society for Human Resource Managers, SHRM